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Cornwall is one of the 48 counties of England. Cornwall has a long and rich history and is located on the south-west coast of the United Kingdom. The Cornwall region has a population of 537,400. Geographically, Cornwall is surrounded on its north and west coastlines by the Celtic Sea, and the English Channel on its southern coast. Despite the fact that Cornwall lies fairly distant from many of the UK’s population centres, millions of tourists from the United Kingdom and around the world regularly flock to Cornwall for the region’s spectacular natural beauty, unique culture, and historic sites. The Cornwall region has an economy based heavily around tourism, with an estimated 24% of the gross domestic product of Cornwall being attributed to tourism.

Cornwall Tourism

As indicated earlier, a large portion of Cornwall’s economy is driven by the tourism sector. While the majority of visitors to Cornwall come from the UK, the region also draws a fair number of international visitors. In total, it is estimated that 5 million tourists visit Cornwall every year. The major attractions of Cornwall are its outstanding natural beauty and mild climate, its distinct culture, and its history. One of the primary tourist attractions of Cornwall is the natural beauty of the region. The region is known for its breathtaking coastlines and spectacular moorlands. In fact, 12 separate regions of Cornwall have been declared as official “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and are protected for conservation purposes by law. These Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty cover much of the Cornish coastline, as well as the Bodmin Moor and Camel Estuary. The Cornwall region is largely surrounded by the English Channel and the Celtic Sea, leaving it with hundreds of miles of gorgeous beaches and breathtaking cliffs.

Cornwall Holiday

If you’re contemplating a Cornwall holiday – in addition to exploring the spectacular landscapes – there are a number of popular activities to keep tourists occupied. Perhaps the most popular and important tourist attraction in Cornwall is the Eden project. Created in 2001, it is estimated that today 1 in 8 of the 5 million tourists to Cornwall visit for the Eden project. The Eden project is a massive biome project, composing primarily of two major indoor biomes and an outdoor biome, with one indoor biome emulating a tropical climate, and the other emulating a Mediterranean climate. The tropical biome covers 1,56 hectares and rises up 55 metres. The smaller Mediterranean biome covers .654 hectares and rises up 35 metres in height. Visitors to the Eden project learn about the interdependence of flora and human beings in an eco-system. In addition to exploring the Eden project, tourists in Cornwall often take advantage of its mild climate to enjoy the outdoors. Fishing, sailing, surfing, hiking and cycling are all popular outdoor activities that can be enjoyed against the beautiful backdrop of Cornwall’s inland beauty and rugged coastline. Visitors to Cornwall should also be sure to visit a Cornwall restaurant to experience authentic Cornish cuisine. Cornwall is well known for its seafood, Cornish clotted cream and pasties – a delicious pastry dish filled with beef, potato, onion and swede. Cornish clotted cream is one of Cornwall’s most famous culinary exports, and is used to produce many local culinary specialities. For those who love ancient history, Cornwall has a number of well known historic attractions, from castles, to prehistoric stone monuments, to historic mining sites. Some of the historic sites doting Cornwall include the Merry Maidens Stone Circle believed to date back to the Bronze Age, the Treen Castle, the Chysauster Iron Age Village, ancient stone circles known as The Hurlers, Rough Tor Huts Circles, and Castle Dore. For truly ancient historic sites, visitors can see the Men-an-tol , Lanyon Quoit, and Trethevey Quiot – a Neolithic dolmen with a capstone sitting precariously over 5 humongous slabs of granite. For more things to do in Cornwall, be sure to check out our extensive Cornwall tourism listings.

Cornwall Hotels & Holiday Accomodation

With an economy driven largely by tourism, finding accommodation in Cornwall is an easy task. Whether you want to stay in one of the many Cornwall hotels, or prefer the charm of a small Cornwall bed and breakfast, or even if you’re looking for cottages in Cornwall for rent, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and budget. If you’re looking to find Cornwall hotels and accommodations, be sure to look through our extensive Cornwall business and tourism directory.

Cornwall Business & Industry

In addition to tourism, Cornwall also relies heavily on its agricultural and fishing industries. Produce from the Cornwall region has developed a superb reputation for its exceptional quality. Cornwall is also known for its China Clay extraction, though this industry has declined somewhat in recent years. At one time Cornwall was also a dominant force in the copper and tin mining industry, but the mining industry in Cornwall started declining in the 1800s, with the last tin mine closing in 1998. However, many of the old mining landscapes in Cornwall are now protected as World Heritage Sites and are now tourist attractions. Although mining is no longer a dominant industrial force in Cornwall, much of Cornwall’s growth in the 1800s and 1900s was driven by mining, making it an integral part of Cornwall’s rich heritage.

Business & Tourist Information, Cornwall

The Cornwall region has a lot to offer the visitor. We have compiled an extensive directory of local tourism and business information for the area. If you’re planning a trip to Cornwall or just looking for a local business in the Cornwall region, be sure to take a look at our directory. We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for.


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